Dish of the day: Roasted Whitefish

roasted whitefish

Persons: 4
Preparation time: about 1h
Cooking time: 40 min


  • whitefish – 2 of 700 gr each
  • vinegar
  • olive oil
  • dried fennel
  • garlic
  • sage
  • salt
  • pepper

Choose a large whitefish or two smaller ones, carefully clean them on the outside taking away the scales, gut it by throwing away the entrails, then gently open it after removing the head, trying to remove the central spine.
Wash it well and place it in an oven pan dipped in vinegar together with two or three whole cloves of garlic, some sage leaves, salt and pepper (some use dried wild fennel instead of sage).
Place it in the hot oven and let it cook until the vinegar is used up; then arrange the fish on a serving dish, season it with the right amount of olive oil and serve it.

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