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History and traditions of one of the most evocative villages in Italy.

What to see, what to do, where to go: an extraordinary journey
among the beauties of Bolsena 😉

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Strolling on the shores of the lake

A unique setting, with a spectacular view of the lake. One of the most beautiful lakeside in Italy.

Things to see in Bolsena


Medieval castle

Rocca Monaldeschi Della Cervara (XIII – XIV)


Basilica of Santa Cristina

Church of the Miracle


Tourist port

The historic center of Bolsena has four districts: Castello, Santa Cristina, Borgo San Rocco, San Giovanni.

Castle: it is the medieval district of the city, with different architectures typical of that period. This district takes its name from the castle of Bolsena, also known as “Rocca Monaldeschi della Cervara”, and currently houses the territorial museum of Lake Bolsena.

Santa Cristina: it is the largest and most populated district of the town. In it, there is the homonymous Basilica and the primary and secondary schools. It also contains the vast majority of the second and more recently built tourist houses, which have arisen near the lake.

Village: it is the central district of the municipality and the least extensive and populated. It contains Piazza Matteotti and Piazza San Rocco, with its historic Fountain. In it we also find one of the oldest areas of the country, the charming village of “Sottosante”. In it, there is also the seat of the Municipality and the offices.

San Giovanni: it is the district that has the smallest presence in the historic center and is almost entirely made up of the most modern area of the country. Piazza San Giovanni is the heart of the neighborhood and is where the traditional local festival is also organized. In it, there are both the Sports Center and the Bolsena Cemetery.

International relations


Lloret de Mar

It is a seaside resort on the Costa Brava , which is approximately 40 km from Girona airport and 70 km from the regional capital, Barcelona.


Volkertshausen is located north of Lake Constance in Hegau on the Radolfzell Aach, about nine kilometers from Canto (Hohentwiel). With a district area of 514 hectares, the Volkertshausen area is the smallest municipality in the district of Konstanz.


The village already existed before the Samnite Wars in the 4th century BC. In 293 BC in the Third Samnite War the consul Papirio Cursore was defeated in an attempt to take the city, and the dead, as Tito Livio says, were 7400 Romans. The village had a trapezoidal plan with fortified walls and a main road to the forum and the acropolis. There were also three main gates for the access routes from Benevento, Naples and Bojano. At the end of the wars the village was conquered together with the Sannio and became part of the Regio IV Samnium.

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