“Tradition is not about keeping ashes but about keeping a flame alive.”

Traditions and Culture

For the uninitiated, Bolsena is considered the land of hydrangeas: every year, in June, there is the traditional theme festival, the Festival of Hydrangeas, with countless plants that “invade” the lakefront, the private gardens, and the city flower beds. An opportunity to visit the city during this period: the landscape is very sweet, the colors and the climate make it a not very well known but incomparable jewel.
The city has among its jewels the Basilica of Santa Cristina where an important miracle took place, and where the beautiful feast of Corpus Domini is celebrated. Climbing up the steep alleys of the town you will reach the imposing castle Monaldeschi Della Cervara , from whose towers you can discover the intense blue of the lake with its two islets, Martana and Bisentina. In spring and summer from Bolsena, you can take a boat trip to Bisentina island. Bolsena is very important among the northern European countries, especially among the Germans but also the Dutch and English who have taken steps to build a second home. It is located along the Via Cassia and near the Via Francigena , an ancient corridor for pilgrims from northern Europe to the Vatican.

Cuisine and Flavors

Most likely some of the traditional recipes of Lake Bolsena were handed down by the Villanovians and the Etruscans. Many of the ingredients still used by the inhabitants of these areas find their origin in the ancient ones. It is not unusual to observe, in fact, that in the frescoes of the painted tombs their menus also included tagliatelle (or something very similar), perhaps spelled. The hunting and fishing scenes then suggest an abundance of meat and fish on the tables, and the side dishes certainly included all the most common Mediterranean products, such as onions, artichokes, asparagus, cabbage, beans, etc.

Local gastronomy is therefore rich and varied and in this section, we will try to reveal its characteristics, qualities, and above all its secrets.

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