There are several services available to tourists. Starting from the tourist port of Bolsena, sailing for 9 km, you reach the Bisentina island, circumnavigating it you will have the opportunity to admire the unspoiled natural landscape, the evocative churches manifestation of the papal passage, both the possibility of bathing in the splendid and crystalline waters or simply making a stop in one of the most beautiful natural coves of the island. After a stop of 30 minutes the boat will return to the port of Bolsena.

The Bisentina island

The Bisentina island is one of the two islands of Lake Bolsena, the largest in terms of surface area, and belongs entirely to the municipal territory of Capodimonte. Mentioned by Dante in the Divina Commedia , it is located near the western shore, a few kilometers away from the promontory where the ancient Etruscan-Roman city of Bisenzio stood, from which it takes its name. Today uninhabited, it has been owned by the Del Drago family for the last two centuries and was sold in 2017 to the Rovati Foundation.

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History and geography

Martana Island

Located in front of the inhabited center of Marta, from which it takes its name and to which it belongs territorially, the Martana Island is the smaller of the two islands of the lake, in terms of surface, with its 113, 5 km2.

He would have kept the remains of Santa Cristina , so that they would not fall prey to the barbarians.

The Martana Island was also at the center of the tragic historical story of Amalasunta, queen of the Goths, who took power at the death of Theodoric: after being taken to the island by deception, she was murdered there by her cousin Theodato on April 30 535. In the eastern part of the island, a plaque was placed in his memory.


In the splendid setting of Lake Bolsena, you can spend pleasant days practicing one of the most fascinating sports: sport fishing. Fishing, which in these waters is practiced at professional levels (those of whitefish and smelter are the best known), can offer the sports fisherman great emotions and satisfactions. To practice it you need a fishing license for inland waters valid throughout the national territory.

This lake with crystalline waters (until the 1950s? The waters of the lake were considered drinkable, so much so that still today we talk about the “lake that you drink”) is rich in fish; both the beginner and the more experienced among fishermen, both the equipped fisherman and the child with a simple rod can have fun making catches that are sometimes surprising.

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