Medieval Festival in Bolsena


It is in memory of the deeds of Ludovico IV known as Bavaro who found himself clashing with Pope John XXII in Bolsena, that the Bolsena 1328 Committee conceived the medieval festival Bolsena 1328: flag-wavers, knights, and hundreds of figures in middle age clothes parade and perform from 11 to 13 August.

The historical re-enactment

During the investiture battles Ludovico IV known as the Bavaro found himself clashing with Pope John XXII : determined to get the better of the pontiff, the emperor went down to Italy at a time From Rome. Going down the Via Francigena, he found himself in front of the barred walls of Bolsena. He thus decided to put the city on the lake under siege: it was August 10, 1328 .

The fighting enthusiasm of the Bolsenese was such as to counteract the repeated assaults on Rocca Monaldeschi. Thus it was that on the morning of August 15, 1328, the emperor decided to remove the encampment and the siege around Bolsena and returned to Viterbo (a Ghibelline city).

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